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Ceramics Galleries

V&A Museum, London, UK



In 2005 the ceramics galleries closed to the public over concern for the security of the collection. Purpose built in 1909, the galleries had remained almost unaltered. Stanton Williams were appointed to restore and reorder the galleries to create a centre for the enjoyment, understanding and study of ceramics that is accessible to all.

The newly refurbished top floor galleries tell the story of world ceramics, with 3000 objects on display from the earliest Chinese pottery to contemporary ceramic art.

The galleries are designed and arranged to follow a timeline displaying pieces in chronological order. The galleries also contain a working studio where a resident ceramicist produces their own work and run workshops for visitors. The studio and gallery arrangement provides an interactive display demonstrating at first hand how ceramics are made.

The galleries reopened in September 2009 and have been very well received by the public. The collections continue to attract large numbers of visitors from around the world.


Architect: Stanton Williams

Images: Copyright Stanton Williams

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